1. “McArthur” by Lockwood Barr

    Live-tracked at SonyTree Studios on Music Row in Nashville, TN!

    Sound Engineer: Sam Raymond
    Videographer: Ciaran Carmichael

    Lockwood Barr (lead vocals, banjo)
    John Murphy (lead guitar)
    Kevin Gift (bass)
    Chris Leidhecker (drums)
    Corinne Bupp (vocals)
    Seth Johnson (vocals)
    Augie Phillips (vocals)

    (Source: youtube.com)

  2. Here is a great photo of the Lockwood Barr session taken by Lucile Rich!

  3. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Nashville artist Lockwood Barr. We recorded at Sony Tree Studios (Studio A) here on Music Row. The session was done as a live recording in tandem with local videographer Ciaran Carmichael, who shot the whole performance. It was a great session filled with talented musicians and a valuable experience that I am grateful to have been included in.

    The Musicians:
    Drums: Chris Leidhecker
    Bass: Kevin Gift Jr.
    Guitar: John Murphy
    Vocals/Banjo: Sarah Lockwood Barr
    Background Vocals: Corinne Leidhecker, Augie Phillips, and Seth Johnson

    Pictures taken by: Chris Leidhecker, Ciaran Carmichael, and John Murphy


  4. Continuing with my revisits to my hobby recordings, here is “The Little Things”. This track was also created by building loop-over-loop with textural shifts driving song structure.

    Visit the Soundcloud link for a more in depth description of how the track was made.